About us

A handpainted and handcrafted fashion brand, KrutiArts was conceived in the year 2015 by Kruti Popatia. The journey began with a small pace with hand painted fabrics which were mainly on customised orders. The idea was truly based on her passion for art and crafts.

Being a BBA graduate she turned her passion towards bussiness. With a small homegrown brand the business was started on a very small pace from hand painted fabrics to hand painted wooden based accessories and than gradually towards hand embroidered and hand painted earrings and neckpieces.

The idea behind our each piece is to promote Indian art, textiles, handicrafts and embroidery, in a wearable way. Keeping sustainability in mind we try to fuse Indian culture, art and textiles with funk, which people can carry with pride and love.

We believe that people should fall in love with our culture and handicrafts which we are forgetting slowly. So to fuse them with a quirky touch we are focusing always on Indian art and crafts.

As its a homegrown brand, which was started single handedly by our founder Kruti, who brought the idea of hand painted wooden earrings with a quirky touch, gradually expanded her team with some women who knew the art of Indian embroidery and crafts. We have always tried to give and take support of women who wished to work from home. Empowering women is our main moto. We believe in expanding slowly and steadily with our focus being just on following our passion for art.

We have worked online for four years in which Instagram has been our most supporting platform and few collaborations with multi-designer websites and stores. Our relations with all those online and offline platforms have always been amazing and we believe in maintaining it always. Alongwith them, we have a great support and connection with our customers, who have always showered their love for all our creations and we are always thankful to them.

Our journey took a big hike when we successfully launched our first store in our hometown Surat, on 11th March, 2019. Since than we took a step forward in our way of working and building a brand out of a small idea. We started launching our collections with a particular concept every time, which mainly includes a summer and a Navratri collection. For making it more professional and worthy our photographer team 32 FARVARI PRODUCTION has been a great support for which we are always thankful to them.

'ART NAV RAAT' - which has been our legacy for showing our love for our gujarati culture during the festival of Navratri every year, is the most important part of us, for which we work for months, for bringing something unique, keeping our culture, art and textiles in minds. And we have got intense love for it always.

Behind each collection there is hard work of months that we put for its basic designing till its final result. The designing part is managed by our owner Kruti, after that from its raw material gathering till assigning it in production is managed by her. The accessories are given for embroidery to our efficient karigar and later on the accessories are made from it by our trained staff from our store or from their home if they are wishing to work from home. We have always encouraged ladies to work from home if they wish to work but are not able to step out for work because of some reasons. Which help them empower.

The finished products are stocked up at store, where we have our workshop too. We mainly sell them online through our Instagram, website and collaborated websites and stores. Also we try to reach people offline too through fleas and exhibitions in different cities, which can help them view our products personally. We have got intense love from our customers always and we wish to serve them will all our passion and love.